Versatility of singing and songwriting collides with the world of Nihkee Blue who demonstrates to all her ability to create musically an ingredient for all genres of music..
American Artist Nihkee Blue singer/songwriter grew up in Chester, Pennsylvania was born into a talented singing family. As a child competed in local talent shows, and won many of these events by impressing audiences with her natural singing, she was in drama from elementary school through high school. She was a screen writer for both childhood/adulthood plays, written songs also starred in leading roles.
As an Aspiring professional singer; she began as an R&B/Hip Hop recording artist at the age of 13; recording her own songs she also joined several Philly local girl groups. Later on in her career she began working as a song reference artist for various producers looking to shop their own material to singers such as the late Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige, and Ann Esby etc…
Nihkee Blue enjoyed the role of minister of music of 4 years at her home church in Chester, PA during her tenure in that role Nihkee her dream as an inspirational artist was fulfilled. In late 2010 Nihkee released 3 of her own Gospel/inspirational singles on iTunes/cd baby/amazon but her love for all music types inspires her to write for all genres. As an artist she continues to sing and write to the tune of whatever her heart is feeling. 

Nihkee Bleu has graced the stage with Vanessa Williams, JJ Hairston, Vicki Yohi, Patti Labelle, Teddy Pendergrass, Norman Connors, Jean Carne, BlackStreet, Meli’sa Morgan and many more/

Nihkee Bleu is currently working on a self-titled cd project and is expecting to reach worldwide audiences with her melodic sound. Her mission is to bridge the gap between all genres of music whether it is inspirational/ gospel/jazz/R&B/Rock etc… whatever touches the heart of others she will feed the need.

Nihkee Bleu recently performed at World Café in Philly, 7165 Lounge with Brett Jolly, Apollo Live, Chris’s Jazz Café, Warmdaddys, Philly SoulStock Rebirth of Music Current Favorite job- Nihkee Bleu is the Wedding Singer and have sang in front of thousands so don’t be surprised if you see her at your best friend’s wedding or next event.



(Beautiful, loving, unique, expressive)


I am victorious, compassionate, generous, emotional, spiritual, ambitious, strong willed, creative, humble, independent, intellectual person- All things that speak to myself as an individual and as an artist.

What I do:

My job is to uplift, encourage, give love, hope, and positivity, and provide room for a spiritual connection. I help people find solutions to their issues or figure themselves out or to assure them that they are not alone nor the only one going through this situation, help them love or find love again. Help them feel secure within hopefully they will realize that things are not as bad as they seem and see just how great things are and how wonderful life is because they exist.

That is what I deliver on stage, freedom of mind and self, the ability to open up my own skeleton closet showing the world that I am a real person, going through if not the same but similar issues.  Giving my audience a way of escape from the mental stress of the world and just have fun, laugh, love and just have a great time.  

My Style:

Classy, DIVA, Sexy, Youthful

Vocally compared to:

Whitney Houston, Etta James, Yolanda Adams including Chaka Kahn- All in one 

Mission:   To activate my soul urge, expression, personality and gift to share with the world as a I’ve been placed on this earth to do with messages of all things love, hope, strength, fun, laughter through music and spoken word.

Music Therapist- NIHKEE BLUE

Rumor Has It
All I Do 8.20.13